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Why use the
EVVO Platform?

Whatever your goals, EVVO can help you get there!

Allow our several dozen lenders to compete for your customers business. Ensuring your client gets the best rate possible.

If there is a possible loan match out there for your client, rest assured we will probably be able to find it with our vast network!

Our marketplace boasts rates as low as 5.99% and always ensures competitive offers compared to industry standards.

If your business serves customers online, we can place you in our partner page workflows. If you'd rather discuss with your clients over the phone, our agent portal is the perfect choice!

Our lenders boast offers for a wide variety of loan purposes. Debt consolidation, unsecured and secured, green loans, home improvement, vacations, life events, emergency expenses, medical, etc.

Our marketplace provides offers from $500 to $250,000!

One Stop Destination for Personal Lending

If your business needs personal loan capabilities, there is no other solution that will solve as much as the EVVO Platform!

Full Process Control

From A to Z of the personal lending process, we give you choice, visualization, and control of the process you would like to create.

Decide which lender groups you want your customers to apply to.

Work with the EVVO API to insert your client's application details directly into the form.

Quickly gain client consent for our loan application via SMS or Email.

Full prior visibility into your client's offers, so that you can provide them with the most information possible.

Create your own custom offers for loans or financial products that are not in our marketplace! Display with the loan results and cross sell your own services!

Present each lenders results, your own offers, credit intelligence, credit reporting details, build what you need!

Earn With EVVO

Highest Lender Commissions in the Industry

Earn industry leading commission packages with EVVO, and monetize in a way that fits your unique business practices.

Present Alternative Financial Products

Cross sell your own products, present additional partner’s products, and extend your revenue past EVVO’s involvement!

Finance Your Own Products and Services

Do you sell expensive services or products? Ever give payment plans? Offer financing to your customers, instead of waiting!

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